Memories Songtext
von Johnny O

Memories Songtext

Could you stop playing with my mind
You know I′m not that kind
To leave it all behind
But all I wanted was you
You made love blind to see
'Cause you could never be that
One for me that life you see

Now all I have are just memories
Time is what we used to have
Memories, love we shared in our past
Memories, days you used to hold me tight
Memories, memories

You must know that I still care

′Bout all we used to share
I know the love's still there
So what did all these games girl
Let's not forget the past
It went by much to fast
Can′t we make it last forever

I just need you, you see, tonight

Oh please, let′s not forget the past
It went by much to fast
Can't we make it last forever girl

Chorus (3x)

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