Fantasy Girl (remix '97) Songtext
von Johnny O

Fantasy Girl (remix '97) Songtext

The first time I saw you there
In my world, I wasn′t prepared
And what i witnessed from your heart
'Cause I knew baby girl it was ready to start
A fantasy that was all so true
The way I felt, girl I knew
That you and me, we were meant to be
In this world for love, you were made for me

Ohhh ohh, fantasy girl
Your my fantasy girl
I need you tonight
Repeat (1x)

The way you look, the way you smile
You made me feel like a brand new guy inside
I want you in my fantasy
′Cause I'd do anything for you don't you see
The way I feel, is oh so true
I can′t deny what i′m telling you

Baby girl in my fantasy
You would be more than happy, you would be with me

Chorus (2x)
I want you girl tonight

Oh baby girl, what i'm trying to say
Is that I love you in almost every way
You are the one i′ve been searching for
In my life it seems you are my fantasy
Oh sweet love won't you be mine
I′ll treat you like, no other man has tried
I'll be your man, never let you down
And i′ll always be true not to make you go

Chorus (2x)
I want you girl tonight

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