Tryna Get It Songtext
von Joey Fatts

Tryna Get It Songtext

Young loc from the back blocks
Flip an ounce from a laptop
With the rock I'm like matchbox
20K in the safe, more bands on the way
If you playing with my cake, I'll give 'em faceshots
Giving niggas botox with this 9
Smoking dope like Easel in his prime
On the one-way or I'm posted on the dime
At AD house free boy and Yance
Since my younger days, I've been stuck in my gudda ways
Serving 'ye where my mother stays
Get a pack, flip a pack, need a pack like andale
Tell José to be on his way
From having hoes on my clothes to having hoes on the stroll
Ain't even drop 5 [?] trying to blow
I ain't even got time still unbutton my clothes
Get some head, do a show then it's back to the road
Ay, this life now
And them pussy niggas hating, tell 'em pipe down, pipe down
I'm all up in their wife now
They throw me s-e-x like life now, life now
Lifestyles of the young and wild
Youngest child, still the first to touch a hundred thou'
Everyday you can catch me with a bad bitch
I say it mine, they say this come with [?]
Get money, fuck bitches
So if it's dough or hoes, then I'm with it
With my niggas, in the trenches
Just a bunch of young niggas out trying to get it
Get that work, bag it up, then flip it
Niggas going to hate, but a nigga ain't tripping
If it ain't about money, then a nigga don't listen
Gotta pay for attention, boy I'm on a mission
Young nigga trying to get it If it's about some cash, then I'm with it
I'm just a young nigga trying to get it
Young nigga trying to get it
First I bag it up, and then I flip it
I'm just a young nigga trying to get it
Young nigga trying to get it
These fuck niggas hating, I ain't tripping
I'm just a young nigga trying to get it
Young nigga trying to get it
Yams told me keep getting money
Don't worry about the fuck shit
Cause when a young nigga getting money
This the price that it come with Fuck it
How you get home safely?
All my niggas out lurking watching in that Mercedes
I don't know why these fuck niggas tried to play me
Say they real, but these fuck niggas fugazy
These bitch ass niggas try to jump, try to kill
I guess these niggas thought they could punk the kid
Mad, cause everybody love the kid
These motherfuckers don't know who they fucking with
I'm a young menace
When it's war, catch a nigga slipping
And all my niggas going to ride, ain't no need to ask who with it
If one trip, then we all tripping
Never snitching on my niggas, motherfucker that's God's business
Couple texts, that's squad business
Keep with the tough acting, I'm gonna make this shit y'all business
Fuck nigga, I'm from long beach
Where we hold heat with [?], like fuck it I'm cripping
I kill a nigga dead in this rap shit
But for now, I'm on tour, money stacking
Smoking dope in New Orleans, eating catfish
With a bitch, beat the pussy like Cassius
Boy I'm not worried 'bout a tad bit
These bitches fucking my squad next
We got the work like a state test
Washed up niggas reached their apex

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