Freestyle Songtext
von Jme

Freestyle Songtext

Yeah speed it up a little, cah you get me, man ain't no clutz.

Hold tight the Engineer, right now in the studio, not putting no snare on my headphones, or kickdrum, can't hear s*it, i'm gonna freestyle to nothing.

I got more guns than Keanu, from the Matrix, full of lead,
And I got more whips, than a dominatrix in bedroom,
They make great sounds, and I make pounds,
The only time you push a whip, is when your bredrin breaks down,

And he'll be like, "Ay blud, start pushing weight",
Cos he's seen the car that I bought, from pushing weight,
I don't mean getting hench, on a bench, pushing 40,
I'll be moving weight, to the day i'm pushing 40,

I'm a young hooligan, so I don't need to fight,
I'm from Meridian, so I feed the things at night,
I'm Nigerian, I represent the green and white,
So come to me or Skepta if you want the green or white,

You p*icks think that I choose to be hated?,
Nah man, i've always been musically orientated,
I've been talented since birth, see how fast this kid learns,
You just know when you've got it, like when your p*ss burns,

Don't come to my spot and lick shots on your own,
That's as off-point as a shopkeeper on the phone,
See if you've got a bit of food, and i'm in a bitter mood,
You'll get blown up with a pump, like a inner tube,

I'm on point, when a car drives slow on me,
If he's black, drive by, if he's white, CID,
Either way, you've gotta run like a greyhound,
I'll go bookies and bet either way on the greyhound,

Shotters don't know you, and they don't know what you're like,
When shotters want food, they ring me cause i'm like,
"What d'you want, Abel, I got bare with me",
You're like " I'm reloading bruv, please bear with me" shut yuh mout,

You're the type to have an argument and run out and shout,
I'm the type, to go round-for-round, bout-for-bout,
I'll win the round and bout, catch me at the roundabout,
Cos i'll be there roundabout, 10, shooting rounds about, so

Shut yuh mout
D*ckhead, wasteman,

Hold tight the engineer, still ain't got no snare on my headphones, or kickdrum,
What you looking at me for blud, stop it if you wanna stop it innit?

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