Best That You Can Do Songtext
von Jim Bianco

Best That You Can Do Songtext

You ride abandoned shopping carts around,
Just to feel the breeze
You clip the curb you flip and hit the ground
Scrape your chin and both your knees

But you can only laugh
′Cause folly is a craft
If it's your chosen path
Better walk it well

As far as you have found
It′s a circus all around
When everyone's a clown
Do the best that you can do

Bet'em high when they′re running low
You never know
You do the best that you can do
Brand new shoes brand new dress
Still you look a mess do the
Best that you can do
Dirty clothes from a bloody nose
It′s how it goes
Do the best that you can do

Clean the cluttered closets in you mind
With a duster and a broom
Scared of what you might find
Scared of what you might not find
Inside of you

A photograph or two
In black and white and blue
Maybe find the soul of a lonely shoe
Use what you gotta use
Whatever gets you through
Do what you gotta do and do the...

An uppercut a right
You punch with all your might
You hope they throw the fight
Before the bell stops ringing
Your face is stinging, the crowd is singing
Go out swinging...

Do the best that you can do
And hope you make it through

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