Talking Empty Bed Blues Songtext
von Jay Farrar, Will Johnson, Anders Parker, Yim Yames

Talking Empty Bed Blues Songtext

My neighbors all see me stumblin' home,
They can see there's somethin' bloody bad wrong...
They hear me singin' the wrong kind of song,
Just cause my bed's been empty too long.

My birds sing loud 'cause I told them all
To get on the beam, to get on the ball,
And to bring you here, so I can lay my head,
And to warm up my old empty bed.

Just too empty...
That empty bed of mine.

This empty bed of mine is my worst curse,
It hurts you a little, it hurts me worse...
It hurts the vine that climbs my poles,
But my empty bed hurts me the most.

I'm prayin' and a-prayin', pretty soon your head
Will come and put an end to my empty old bed,
If you don't come soon, I'm apt to be dead...
Or just God's dead. My empty old bed...

Just too empty…
That empty bed of mine.

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