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I grew up two hours north of Birmingham
Me and my daddy used to fish next to Wilson Dam
He told some stories Camaros and J.W. Dant;
When I got a little older I wouldn't and now daddy can't
So I thank God for the TVA
Thank god for the TVA
When me and my daddy used to bow to the river and pray
Thank god for the TVA

When I was fifteen, me and my girl sat out on the lock
Watching the raccoons and terrapins dance on the rocks
She let me put my hand up under her shirt;
I wanted her to want me so bad it hurt
So I thank God for the TVA
Thank god for the TVA
When me and my baby used to lay 'round and wait on the day
Thank god for the TVA

My granddaddy told me when he was just seven or so
His daddy lost work and they didn't have a row to hoe
Not too much to eat for seven boys and three girls;
All lived in a tentbunch of sharecroppers versus the world
So his mama sat down, wrote a letter to FDR
'En a couple days later, couple of county men came in a car
Rode out in the field, told his daddy to put down the plow
He helped build the dam, gave power to most of the South
So I thank god for the TVA
Thank god for the TVA
When Roosevelt let us all work for an honest day's pay
Thank god for the TVA

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