Ghost Songtext
von Jaden

Ghost Songtext

I just ran hunnid yard dash
You spent too much cash
Screw your - bags
I knew that you wouldn't last
I'm in physics class
I knew that you wouldn't ask
She got too much (shh, what?)
What I finna do with all that
Talked to Elon last week, told him my whip too fast
Hunnid 20 on the dash, I hope that I never crash
MSFTS on the map, drop hits that's that
Teo hit me with the pass, swish
Niggas wish I never rapped

Play this shit in the club for me, for me, for me (for me)
'Cause if you in there, then I'll be the one you never see
Like jeez

Let me go put on my cleats
The way that I get up and run through the streets (streets)
Paris like bon appetit
They saw us and went to go call the police, yeah, damn
Just put a hydrogen whip on a lease, yeah
I'm tryna make sure that I leave a good world for my niece
Ay, that's just me (that's just me)
We don't need you on the team, we pay too many fees, yeah
They told me travel light, we ain't going overseas (whoo, whoo)
It's just one night, I'ma bring the whole fleet with me

Play this shit in the club for me, for me, for me (for me)
If you in there, I'll be the one you never see
I'm ghost

They live the most (they live the most)
I been behind the scenes, I've been watching the ropes
(I'm on the ropes)
She put her hand on my neck, she on the slopes, ice (ice)
Why you put so much space in the flow?
(Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go)

When I wanna grow I listen to Hov
Take notes
Look at the case, close it
Open the doors, look at my neck
Look at my wrist frozen
Look at my pants dripping
Swag, know that you stole it

Play this shit in the club for me, eh
If you in there, uh
Nigga, I'm ghost

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