Found Songtext
von Jacob Banks

Found Songtext

Now, what do I do with this love I found?
What do I put in the hole inside the ground?
Oh, I′m falling higher
Flying deeper
Oh, the love I found

What do I do with the smile trapped in my mouth?
How do I prove there's a ghost this time around?
It′s like catching fire
Walking on water
Oh, the love I found

Say the word and I'll burn it all
Play the chord and I'll bleed some more
We ain′t getting younger
Age′s just a number, oh, oh, oh

Maybe clouds won't break my fall
Maybe it will be enough
Time′s getting older
The light's getting closer, oh, oh, oh

So what do I do with this love I saved for you?
What do I move to the space I held for two?
Can you taste the choir?
Can you feel the whisper?
Oh, the love I found

Oh, the love I found

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