Blunderbuss Songtext
von Jack White

Blunderbuss Songtext

I had my dream
I held your hand on that broad avenue
We crossed the road and never spoke
To another as we flew

We left your man alone in drag
Laughin' there at us
A romantic bust, a blunder turned
Explosive blunderbuss

An ancient grand hotel
Of Persian thread and ivory
And when your man would turn his head
I'd see you look at me

Pools of brown and sea of red
And demons in your pocket
That sang romance, performed a dance
Inside a silver locket

A corner exit, not tall enough
To walk out standin' straight
Designed by men so ladies
Would have to lean back in their gait

You grabbed my arm and left with me
But you were not allowed to
You took me to a public place
To quietly blend into

Such a trick pretending
Not to be doin' what you want to
But seems like everybody does this
Every waking moment

I laid you down and touched you
Like the two of us both needed
Safe to say that others
Might not approve of this, and pleaded

"So selfish them," would be their cry
And who'd be brave to argue?
Doin' what two people need
Is never on the menu

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