Get Up Get Down Songtext
von Itchy

Get Up Get Down Songtext

You have always been on such a long and winding road
And whenever somethin's wrong
You're sure the world's gonna explode
On and on you're wondering why everything feels wrong
When all day you're flipping channels
Altough nothings ever on

Will you go on like this or be aware
The grass is never greener over there

Get up, get up, get up - you're hearts are beating
Get down, get down, get down and keep breathing
You're fine as long as you are believing
It's all there just go and take it
Live your life before you waste it

What a day, a nightmare and your little finger hurts
While a family died
And all their friends can't find the words
How Can you complain ybout the coulds above your head
While your neighbours cancer grows and crows
Until the man is dead

Open up your eyes and be aware
The grass is never greener over there

So what is it you need?
It's not the bitch but to enjoy the little thinga indeed

Wasted time is hard to compensate
It won't come back, so live it now 'cause later is too late
Don't you wait, don't you ever wait

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