Keep the Silence Songtext
von Immolation

Keep the Silence Songtext

Drifting through life, the docile and faceless
Our surface so pure, yet beneath it all slithers corruption
A peril so certain, this chasm grows wider and wider
Avoiding frail edges... safely idle, holding your tongues
The illusion binds us all, rooted deep beyond control
Never seek the truth or suffer condemnation
With eyes upon us now, we belive our voice will bring us down
A plague of lies burns wild and we let the poison rivers flow
Faith in what was has left us with nothing
Submissive by nature, they have us now
Embracing our silence, we're gagged into ruin
How dare we watch it and not say a word
If we look away from the danger, it will only get stronger
We hide from the truth, numbing ourselves to death

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