Heart of a Servant Songtext
von I Built the Cross

Heart of a Servant Songtext

Impaled high above the cross the sins of the world pour out from your hands and feet.
Mocked and defiled, embedded in your head are thorns.
This is love. Lord, I am eternally grateful.
My heart is all I have to give.
Now religion has destroyed.
This was never how things were meant to be.
We are no longer bound by the law.
In his blood we find freedom. We are saved by grace.
So give me peace through these times of struggle, and hope through these times of despair.
Give me the heart of a servant, so I may worship with all of my life.
Your religion is dead, but Jesus, you give life. This is my purpose: to live for your glory.
Lord, I give you praise.
You died for me, I will live for you.
I would give my life for this.

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