Borrowed Parts Songtext
von I Built the Cross

Borrowed Parts Songtext

Oh Lord, breathe within me the warmth of Your holy light.
Your Word is the knife by which I carve this journey of life.
Set forth with blessed talents so carefully endowed, brothers and sisters, our task is begun.
This is the crucible we were meant to overcome.
We do not rest in a city upon a hill.
We will not fall upon our knees and tremble at the pit.
The world plunges deeper, all-consuming and sparing none. Oh the mercilessness of its iniquity.
Unabashed we stand, no longer bound by our world; we are set free by Yours.
For Your Grace so sufficient and Your power made perfect in our weakness, we pray.
Your promise is our sanctity.
Your forgiveness is our hope.
To give up our hearts to You, to live in You, to be as Your example, to do Your will by our own sacrifice: that is our ministry.
Sharing, understanding, experiencing the Cross; we are transformed.
We are but mere sinners embodied by a new holy form.
Oh Jesus lend me Your eyes so I may see justice through deceit. Lend me Your ears so I may hear the fallen cries. Lend me Your hands so I may take others into mine.

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