Look Inside Songtext
von I Against I

Look Inside Songtext

Why don't you take a look at yourself? stop acting like you don't
Need help. 'cause you have got your failures too. so look inside
Of you. a lot of people dont' know themselves. because they
Never have been through hell. so ask this question if you think
You're wise. "am i not what i despise?" ...a lot of
People just don't see that what they hate they'll come to be.
And now you may feel better because you laugh about them. but
They will laugh harder in the end... hypocrisy, irony and hate.
A big part of what runs this state. though hate is the most
Powerful one. don't use it just to have fun. we've all got
Problems of our own. don't fuck around you'll be left alone.
That's what integrity is all about. and hypocrisy's not allowed.
Why don't i take a look at myself? stop acting like i don't need
Help. 'cause i have got my failures too. but look inside of you.

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