Lidless Songtext
von Humavoid

Lidless Songtext

Mainframe frantically inspecting the surface
Wired sensors embracing disturbance
What started as a mental rejection
Now dancing with detecting deception

Merely a disaster in disguise
The longer I stare the less I believe my eyes (my eyes)

Circumstance none more suspicious
Ungraceful, increasingly hurtful to witness
Divert me another second in this rueful turmoil
And I'll cover myself in a full body armor made of tin foil

Merely a disaster in disguise
The longer I stare the less I believe my eyes

The movements behind the drapery
Make me question what you're saying to me
A little paranoia's all that's needed
To avoid these pitfalls - stay undefeated
Been through this enough times
To know what you say ain't what you think
Eyes so fixed between the lines
That I ain't got a second to spare to blink

Observation of the highest grade
Unfolding all behind what's being portrayed
I keep delusions out of my face
And refuse to be held in place (place)
Your schemes exposed, unraveling
- I'm keen to show it ain't happening
Appear as a cure, but you're merely a leech
About to end prematurely that speech

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