Nothing Was Different Songtext
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Nothing Was Different Songtext

Me and my friends, we're not the type of people to ignore the smallest problem hidden in the smallest church mouse
We hide our emotions, but I found out they're just live animals hiding in a glass house
And I can't let them out or even let them change somehow
But that's all I can tell you now
'Cause I'm not ready to tell you everything I want you to know
But I'm ready to trust you, or at least I'm ready to let love show
Because I spent the last few years chasing my desires
And I found out I was just chasing my own demons
When I found desire in you, you called my words excuses
But I just thought of them as poorly stated reasons
Simple execution of neglect and preparation for something hidden in a deeply rooted promise
That I'll always speak my mind, but sometimes my mind will be mistaken
'Cause me and my friends, we're not the type of people to leave room for error
But I make enough errors to leave an empty room in my heart
And with no one to turn the lights on my heart lives in the dark
And I will hide the light until you ask for it to ignite, cause the truth is bright, but hidden in plain sight
Deep within the dark pulls of your eyes
The deep secrets cold as ice, but sharp as a knife
The feeling of real vibes hidden deep inside
My dark feeling that I'm just depression's trophy wife

A sight to exemplify surviving the night
'Cause me and my friends, we never get in trouble
But we are a troubled bunch
Hope lies within our potential deep within the rubble
Hoping that light will touch
A hypocritical statement of blatant placement of words
That only have purpose if you strike a match and ignite them
And there you go, we solved the problem for darkness but reinstated a purpose of hatred within the deep desires
We develop to an envelope
The cyclical deep desires of desiring deep connections to add depth to the thick skin of our emptiness
Questioning, representing messages of necessary self fulfillment
Some are satisfied with their instinct to survive
Through the storm of darkness others call it selfishness
But me and my friends we don't subscribe to the cloud of confusion found in questioning what turns the lights on
No we never ask, 'cause me and my friends we see the light on and celebrate
Regardless, but sometimes the light doesn't matter when we wear a mask
So what is gained if this isn't me
It's like having lungs but no ability to breathe
I guess the light exposed the fact that acceptance became a dead end
And it's the only conclusion I can see
'Cause someday maybe the identity of me and my friends will just be me
But with this mask, it doesn't matter how bright the lights are 'cause I don't know who I am
I don't know who I am
Unless it's me and my friends

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