Anomaly Songtext
von Horskh

Anomaly Songtext

Yo in danger,
Yo in danger,
Yo in danger,
Yo in danger,
Babe, You're minds a trick
You are you
i am i how does that click?
And my phone is like a brick
its nothing but heavy,
hunny, im sick,
why do you cut your feelings when i need you?
are we doing bussiness?
is it you and me now?
come on or i'll move on
i'll put a spell on you, so let me through i'm here cause i need you its was you and me, but now we're looking at two different sceneries
you're the one for me, but that's not really how you want it to be
when i feel lonely, just please text me you cant even see that it is frustrating your too charming its tiring can you show me spme emoctions? cause you leve me be
why cant you look at me
youre the one i see i'm crazy in love, oh .
why are you doing to me?
its getting out of control
keep away dont go near
cause your in danger tonight
you got me good no, am i nothing to you?
am i a toy that you can play with or not, Babe, youre confusing me why are you testing me?? why are you testing me, why are you testin me, cause youre in danger tonight

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