Ungravity Songtext
von Helevorn

Ungravity Songtext

You′re yearning to catch the rain with your own hands
I won't achieve it
You respect those who are like me, I don′t think so
You know they're trying all, you're lying to me

You′re chasing the temptation to choose your own words
I won′t tolerate
You wish everyone should walk in both ways
But they aren't on the ground

A million bombs are gone
Gone with no return, in a non light space
We move on a ground that we can′t unlock

You can go out but you must smile
You should return and feel when fire burns
The poles have been inverted and we're barefooted
On a tight cord between opposite holes

Down, down, down, all is down from your arms
Down, down, down, it′s down everytime

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