Forgotten Fields Songtext
von Helevorn

Forgotten Fields Songtext

How do we cope? Unearthing what we′ve known
They are breaking the silence
Died for just believing
You won't die again, the souls are rising
A brazen triumph of faith

How can I forget?
What you are and did for me

Look at my empty home
Overgrown and cover′d in leaves
A silken afterthought
Dead, limp and lifeless
A shadow buried deep
How many of us exist
Unified without air to breathe

Why didn't you stay silent?
Broken but alive
How can I forget?
No one is here
No one ever talks back to them

I cannot fathom
So early you filled the hole
Mine are in the ground
But yours could be next
The scoffer made somber

And those who forget pay in eternity
Oh, don't you turn away
You must honor them
It will all come back on you

If you wait for me to break down and give my life away
I′ll dig you out on bended knee
No one dreams in these forgotten fields
Ideas are never undone

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