Happy Rovin’ Cowboy Songtext
von Hank Williams

Happy Rovin’ Cowboy Songtext

Hear my song as I ride along
I′m just a Happy Rovin' Cowboy
Herdin′ the dark clouds out of the sky
Keepin' the heavens blue

Yes sir, neighbor, it's healthin′ half this time
With the the old loved big blues boy, Hank Williams
All the drifting cowboys are here too
Yes, Hank is back again with some good news
That′ll make your money glad you tuned in

Well I ain't got a dime, just a-wastin′ my time
I'm just a Happy Rovin′ Cowboy
Let me sing my song 'til they call me home
To that land beyond the blue

Yes neighbor, it′s always fair weather when good fellas likes these get together
The drop in on another little visit with you
Along about the same time of day and here's a fella
That always makes these programs worth while
Our old friend, Hank Williams


Thank you Grant, thank you lot, welcome friends and neighbors to another show
Hope you feelin' awfully good today

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