Montgomery in the Rain Songtext
von Hank Williams, Jr.

Montgomery in the Rain Songtext

Well here i am again down in montgomery alabam
My luck ain′t never been up but i'm used to it down
So all you people don′t look at me and frown
I don't want to stay here and i'm just passing through your town
And i just came back here to see an old stained window pane
Before you tear it all down and bring out your crane
I did want to see montgomery i the rain...

Around these streets and old houses
Alot of changes i been through,
From the top of the town to washing cars,
Being down out and blue,
And i once met a woman here with ways like i never had seen
We used to rambel between here and old new orleans
So i′ve just come back here to remember a joy and a pain
To look back to a year through a tear in an old window pane
And i did want to see montgomery in the rain...

So you don′t have to hide your baby
You don't have to go get no gun
I know i look funny to you all honey but i′m just one
Who was once from here and now whose come back again
And i'm not asking for nothing but my song a cemetary wind
And if its all right with you before i get back on y train
I want to go out by hank′s tombstone and cry up a thunder storm
Cause i did want to see montgomery in the rain...

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