Meridians Songtext
von Greyson Chance

Meridians Songtext

Let's go take a drive and think about our lives
Passing through meridians of greater times
I was on a different road, but now I've found my home
Within you
We can kill some time and watch movies all night
Later we'll be talking as the sky turns light
Every morning spent with you, cause every night I love the truth
Mmm... Oooh Ooooh
The timing never felt so right, these feelings unknown
My love as a meridian continues to grow
The lights, they used to say, what type of life we live
And now, we're creating them
We're flying to another time
Our lives they've been circled, been entwined
Kiss my lips and take me there
To heights unheard of, thoughts unreal
You're so unreal
Let's go take a drive and think about our lives oh our lives

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