Glitch Songtext
von Get Dead

Glitch Songtext

Well I'd die for this in a second
Wouldn't change anything at all
Push a knife right through my heart
Well it's been a good run
A pleasure meeting your acquaintance
We smoked it to the filter
'Til the wheels came off

Then Chris caught a greyhound bus back to Florida
Mike and Andy headed the boat towards those Bremerton lights
Patrick caught a red eye flight midwest by morning time
We ride the radio waves into the bay tonight

When it's all over, it's so quite
Can't sleep without the tv on
My life without the night lights of the Econoline
Familiar walls and messy feelings
A collection of reasons to be leaving again
Why even try?

Drunk again, smoking in the bathroom of a terminal
Cursing my own name for the mess I'm in
Ignored your phone call this morning
I'm sure it was to say it's all over again
So I'll ride these radio waves into the bay tonight

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