Show You the World Songtext
von G‐Eazy feat. Too $hort

Show You the World Songtext

Vous êtes les meilleurs du monde
G-Eazy, Too Short
He can take you all around the world
Yeah, I know he can take you places
I ain't finna take you nowhere
All I got for you is, fuck faces
I be in it like, I be in it like
Only fuck with dimes, yeah I'm picky
In the club with Short, got 20 hoes with me
Standing on couches and rolling up sticky
Told her hit the bathroom, what's up with a quickie?
Player this pimp, don't lie
How many rap stars you know went to Berkeley High?
I'm always with a cup of Bourbon
I'm in here choosing, you up here searching
Pockets of meatloaf, she faster than speedboats
We're rolling extendos, it's clouds of that weed smoke
She loves to ski down them slopes to that cheap coke
When I was 16 said I won't ever be broke, I'm on
Finally I made it somewhere
Snatching these hoes, they be like it's unfair
I'm the one really, they can't even compare
All Bay Area, we really from there
I can give you anything you want, but I ain't no trick bitch
You just want to fuck another sucker, you scared of this big dick
It's for a real good cause, take off that bra
Give me that jaw, then give me them draws
I be deep in them walls, to the balls
Bitch I want it all
I'm a Bay boy, a certified playboy
I got it good, I don't give her no fake toy
I give her that Coca-Cola, that real thing
I'm hard as steal, man, but don't call me super
I don't wanna save her, I just want to do her
You can buy the new whip
I just wanna give her this dick, bitch

Let's get up out of here girl, it's you and me
(Show me what you got, show me the world)
My dick is the world to you
(Show me the world)
I got you baby, it's all yours
(Won't (?) at all)
The world is yours girl
(Show me the world)
You know where we going?
We're going to the top baby, I'm taking you to the top of the world
(Show me what you got)
Sing for that dick
(Show me the world)
Sing it bitch
(Show me)
I'm about to show you the world girl
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