Cold Blooded Songtext
von Gary Clark Jr.

Cold Blooded Songtext

Woooo She wants me, but she wont give it away
So she taunts me, I'm to cool to break
Cause I gave her my heart and soul, she wants more
She tells me that she loves me
And I cant lie, I want her but I will shoot her down
I'm cold blooded
Got to keep moving, moving on
Its gone too far
Whoa girl, for way way too long
I gave you my heart and soul
What more could you want
I know that you love me
You know that I want you

But I will shoot you down
Is that you outside my home?
Girl you didnt got me terrified
Why dont you leave me alone?
Your craziness is verified
Time to stand it
Please please please please just leave me alone
I dont gain it all
What more what more could you want
I know that you love me
I don't want to but got to shoot you down
I'm cold blooded
I'm tired, I'm tired

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