Darlin' Songtext
von G FrSH

Darlin' Songtext

Darlin', darlin', baby are
You trippin', trippin'?
You thought that I wasn't listenin', listenin'
You said you wanna give love, no no

Look, girl, say what's on your mind
Say your fine, you're lying
Cause I know you tell your friends about how
I don't call you mine
Still I call you all the time
But you can't call me yours?
And you know that you're the one
But you know there's plenty more
Cause every day I'm stepping out, I'm swagging
Balmain, Alexander Wang'ing
Crowd of bitches tryna see me
Looking like a main attraction
Course she's got a crush, I'm mashing
Course she's tryna fuck, I'm packing
When we share our nights of passion
I share it with my man and bragging

But whenever I'm faded
Which is every night lately
I tell you that I love you and that
One day we should make babies
Girl that's how I feel, don't hate me
I know that shit will drive you crazy
But baby, you know, yeah you know

Baby, why the fuck are you tripping, huh?
I never dropped no wire
Yeah, I'm out here fishing, but
I never dropped no lines
I tell her more straight one time
"Nah, I don't want no wife"
Unless you catch me slipping on a late night
Sipping on a late night
Then I kiss her like we at the altar
Fuck her like she my pornstar
She look a little like bey but I don't put a ring on it
I don't even call her
Took her back to one four star
Fuck a spoon, I just fork her
Then I beat like this beat
And then beat it again and then probably ignore her

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