Real Sisters Songtext
von Future

Real Sisters Songtext

Ain't bring you home babe with a fat boa
With you
I try to bust a couple nuts with you
First night she says they were sisters
I won't give a fuck if they were twins sisters
I just try to get 'em at the banz zone
She know I fuck with all her friends
First night she says they were sister
I won't give a fuck if they were twins sister

Found one day we're cousin but we've been fuckin'
She told me that she love it and now her friends happen
Party nigga mag, why they mean muggin'
Lookin' all hard like you mean somethin'
I see trigger, you will start, ain't see nothin'
I feel ready to throw the task and get the fans jumpin'
I get the bitches, nigga you know that's a part from me
I don't know nuthin' bout the way these others be,
All the nigga talk 'bout some shit that they never did
My other bitch she just pull up with some other bitch
Got my other bitch chillin' with my other bitch

Nigga last night don't remember what I did
Got it on the phone, got it right on my phone
Told my stripper burn, baby let the fire burn
I like the stripper girl cuz she never come alone
She bring her friends and the one I spend my money on
I kiss a pussy girl, why you act so funny
Comin' with you baby, I don't want to come alone
I'm fuckin' with you sticky, icky in your honey cone
She told me that they get what you runnin' for

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