Negative Territory Songtext
von Front Line Assembly

Negative Territory Songtext

Permanent, terminal - no reprieve
Checklist the time bomb that ticks in me
Chronic incurable, no fakes please
Heaven and Hell in the same sky house
Secrets are lies we don't speak out loud
It's exactly how it seems

Stranded out in these negative territories
Sorry for the inconvenience
Standing here in polite violation
Even civilized craves disobedience
No one at fault here for pages of history
Someday see us blamed for the future insistence
Removed and starved in the modern covenant
Where silence somehow passes for innocence

You owe me but never owned me
Checklist the time bomb that's holding me
It's exactly what this needs
Muled to your weak thought trafficking
A world all devoid of meaning
It's exactly how it seems

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