Restless Songtext
von Fotheringay

Restless Songtext

Born between a river and a railroad,
And restlessness has ruled me since I can't remember when.
There's something in the wind seems to call me like a friend,
I guess that I'll be on my way, on my way again.

There are dreams that I have carried all my lifetime,
And the dreams have made me a stranger in the eyes of many a man.
For I do not count the time and my reasons do not rhyme,
And down the line and on my way, on my way again.

Rolling along like a shipwrecked sailor
Who never finds a home.
Broken lines and signs of failure
Cut me to the bone.

I'm weary of the company of strangers,
I'm weary of the city with its heart of hollow stone.
Something in the wind keeps on calling to the end,
And I guess that I'll be on my way, on my way again.

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