Combat Songtext
von Flobots

Combat Songtext

(No known beat that can keep me lonely)

(Combat to get'cha to bomb-back)

I know how to rip a mic different
I grip it like so
Tight like kryptonite with a bike pole
Sparks from my lips ignite liquid nitro
No tellin' if it might blow

The environments' gotta be hotter
Than solder beside the iron
Zinc vitamins
Hide 'em inside when I'm writin' the rhymes
It's hard to keep property guarded
Because of these pirates

And I motivate
No debate
We're takin it over
Make no mistake
You're fake and there's no escape
'Cause you got caught
Frozen, waitin' for the crosswalk

I can take it to another level
Where the base is above the treble
And your face is in double
Evasiveness doesn't settle it
A place and a space
Where there's nothing to meddle with

(Combat to get'cha to bomb-back)

Lyrical combat, chicka-ticka bomb-bat
Blond, black, let's get beyond that
Sing songs that attack with strong raps
3-2-1, contact
Sans paddle we swim the long laps
Swans flap to get the pond packed
Want sass? Kiss my mom's ass
Wrong tact, convict you en masse
Take it back like Linda Ronstadt
Or Luke Sky with a twisted long hat
ton, ton, fat, subsisting on that
Tom-tom, hi-hat
Insist upon that
Listen to Jon rap
This is combat
To get you to bomb back
Two-fisted contact
To get the pond packed
'Cause Im on some shit that exists beyond that

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