Moonlight Songtext
von Everything Everything

Moonlight Songtext

Twenty more seconds and it could've been me
Lily-livered living in the Holocene way
It was an omen, sting of the blind-worm and whatever else
In a spiral in which we will lay
Chaos, slow and warm
All I need is red blood, red blood
And I'll get it

I'm caught on the horns
And I'm here for good

Tell me what it took you to turn it all around
I know what it took for you to come here on your own
Whatever snake-haired old minotaur drink in the Lamb & Flag
He doesn't live here

You're caught on the horns, horns
And you're, you're here for good

On the wind, I hear (Please)
Please be good to me
Chaos, slow and warm
All I need is red blood
The same blood that I'm feeling now

I'm caught on the horns, horns
And I'm, I'm here for good

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