When the Walls Go Down Songtext
von Evergrey

When the Walls Go Down Songtext

Lord if you don't help I can't get through this
I can't
Lord I'm too old for games
Foolish games
And I'm tired of rhetoric
Meaningless rhetoric
That never changes things
Lord just help me
Help me

I was feeling God's pain
And I've never had anything
That's been any worth to God
In my 50 years
That wasn't born in agony
Never never
Dead... empty...
And I know that sermons won't do it
I know that Revelation won't do it
Covenant won't do it
I know now
Oh my God
Do I know it
Until I hit agony
Until I have been anguished over it
I'm preaching sermons
Oh God

I broke down
And I wept
And I mourned
Does it matter to you at all
I can't handle this
I can barely make it as it is

Little by little
You're losing it
The lamb of God
The love of Christ
People I know that were my friends
And I see them go one by one
Some of my closest friends
You're changing
You know what you were
You're changing
Little by little
Something's happening to you
Will it bring you to your knees
That's all the Devil wants to do
Is get the fight out of you
And kill it
So you won't labor in prayer anymore
You won't weep before God anymore
Go to Hell
No weeping
Not a word of prayer
It's all ruined
No laughing
This is life and death
When the walls go down
And ruin sets in
Where are the tears
Where's the mourning
Where's the confessing
Love of Christ
The agony
Of God's heart
We have sinned...

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