1980 Songtext
von Estelle

1980 Songtext

They say that everything you go through in life
It's what you become
If thats the case yeah
I'm becoming number 1
It's Estelle
Yo yo

I grew up in tha 1980s
In a four bedroom house my family, my grandma, three or four auntys
Uncles and brothers in and out of prison daily
Certain times when there was no heat you stay under covers
There was life like you never seen
Daddy taking extra people in
Come dinner time it was tippin 18
Boiling a big pot of water on the stove take a bath
Rub my face in olive oil, all my mates used to laugh
Now cousins moved out and we all got divided
Started to get older I soon got providing
I've seen fifty pound last for three months solid
I got my first pair of Nikes we were still eating porridge
Me and my cousin used to play Melon Kim practisin dancin
Coming down tha stairs in tea
I touched Africa and came back darker
Knowin myself
Feelin my roots a little bit harder

(Chorus) x2
1980 here that God made me
'89 start to get mine
By '99 startin to write ryhmes come
Walk with me reminisce on my life x2

See then we moved up
Thought I was tha Fresh Prince
Dynasty was re-runs and Dallas was faded
With three best and timeless six kids still
We got a dog and yes that dog's loves to shit but
My brother got his first pair of LA Gear
He thought it went to take pictures of his Delawear what?
We started hanging out my jeans got tighter
My weird neighbours set their own house on fire
Church was, all day every day and every week
Thats where I learnt how to sing hearing that master preach
Benidiction was all we went for
So we could run home and play Connect 4
Mum worked late and we learnt to cook
Stars and lemon stew pea soup
In tha room watching kung fu films and Cleopatra joints
Wishing we were Cosby kids and Matchstick girls

(Chorus) x2

Tha man downstairs was dead for three weeks
His own cat started eating him, house starts to reek
Thats when we moved out and our house was bigger
We had a large garage and the attic was killer
We used to pray for three hours in the morning
Sittin on tha schoolbus believe we was yawnin
All our hair was stuck down to our foreheads
Jam and spick two rugs and pink curls yes
Sexy boys walking round showing interest
In what i dont know cause we all had flat chests
Don't think we never mastered tha gettin play steps
Doin what for days in the bobu yep
But this is just tha beginning of my life right
19 kids a house and one lifetime
Yo, tha beginning of my life right
19 kids a house and one lifetime

(Chorus) Fading

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