Wait Songtext
von Eric Burdon

Wait Songtext

Wait... For me... Don't ever give up,
On the heart that beats for you...
Wait... Even though your heart is filled with sorrow.
Don't give up the faith... Wait.
When alone in the heat of the night .
Pray for a bright tomorrow,
When once again we can be together.
Don't forget the time we shared.
So be there to represent my name
When friends hold their glasses to the flame
Hold the memory of your eyes
And I will pledge with mine.
Wait... I will never give up,
When the night will bring tomorrow.
Wait... till I can say my divines
Through my friends who cry,
And I can say my farewell
To all of this I will return
With no tale to tell who needs more of this hell
In your arms I will always find heaven
You'd find me there when on outside of your door
I see your smile that I adore we'll climb
The stairs together
True love comes to those who wait
True love comes to those who wait

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