Amen Songtext
von Enigma

Amen Songtext

I'm out on a new road in search for a land with no name
And I never looked back cause I'm walking through sunshine and rain
I'm a man who has lived in the tombs and who's broken the chain

Amen x 2

I was blind and now I see
What I've got is not for me
And I know, it's time to go
I've been used
And I've been played
I've been spied on and betrayed
And I know, it's time to go

Watch out
I feel the pain
Watch out
I'm alive again
The past is gone for good, it's time to say:

Amen x 4

In lust I believe I will be found
In the silence of my nights
I can hear a distant voice
Someone out there is calling my name

Watch out
I'm not afraid
Watch out
I'm beyond the trail
It's time to turn the page and love again

Watch out
I can feel your pain
Watch out
And I cry again
I'm leaving all my shadows behind

Amen x 4

Tentanda Incognita

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