Last Man in the Bar Songtext
von Empty Trash

Last Man in the Bar Songtext

Once again yeah I walked to the bathroom
Just to ask the mirror 'bout myself
Just to ask him on how I was doin' if I was doin' ok
And he tells me, I'm doin' real bad yeah I'm doin' real bad,
Oh I'm doin', doin', doin' bad

Stop righth now yeah you're doing real bad
Your real fucked up and there's no doubt about
Oh baby stop right now, oh baby stop right now

Once again I'm the last man in the bar
Bartender walkes up to me just to tell me what a bad shape I'm in
And I smash down my glass and I run out the door
I run passed a window of a corner store,
And I catch my reflection and it says and it says

... it says
And it screams and it shouts!

Stop right now oh baby stop right now...

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