The Sword of Gideon Songtext
von Elvenpath

The Sword of Gideon Songtext

Still is the air, quiet the April night
Over the sea the black battalions ride
Their target is in sight, the coast is near
The spring of youth, a deadly time of the year

Only the bravest gathered for attack
Sent out to kill, there's no turning back
An eye for an eye, thus spoke their lord
Deep in the city lies the dragon's hoard

In the silence of the night they infiltrate
Those who lived in blood must meet their fate
The wrath of god tonight has come to town
The sword of Gideon will strike them down

No wall is too high, no house shall be safe
Turning the city into a grave
Sins will be punished, blood must be sold
Revenge is a dish that's always best served cold

Blood thirsty devils in angels' disguise
Crossing the city, no fear in their eyes
Taking the battle to the lion's den
Demanding the blood price for their countrymen

Enter the houses, no one in sight
Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide
Plant the explosives and wait for the call
Death conquers all

As the doors shatter in thunder and light
It's killing time, head into the fight
Guns spitting fire, blood must be shed
Alive or dead

Through the night we've come, children of the sun
To the gates of Babylon
Come kneel down and pray, you must die today
By the sword of Gideon

No prisoners taken, no time to lose
The city's awakened, they have to choose
Facing resistance, talk of the guns
Who'll think of heaven when blood must run

Head to the shore, they make their escape
Leaving behind the city in flames
Revenge has been done, the enemy slain
Collateral damage along the way

Over the sea in darkness they ride
Leaving the bloodshed of vengeance behind
The battle's been fought, oaths are fulfilled
More will be killed

Proved to the world that wherever they'll be
Ready to slay their land's enemy
Who will remember the ones who died
Lost to the fight

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