Combat Zone Europe Songtext
von Elvenpath

Combat Zone Europe Songtext

Europa, beautiful child ever dreaming
Daughter without sin, land of the wise
War has long gone and together as one we grew
Until the prophet of death came to rise
All that we fought for, justice and liberty
Crushed in the sand of the land of one faith
The land of the free now a battle zone has become
Can we withstand the force of Islam's wraiths

An army invisible, death undetectable
Where he will strike next we cannot know
Could we foresee that the prophets we welcomed
Our deaths would deliver straight into our homes

The land we used to know, peaceful and civilised
Perished in gunfire, it is no more
Words of the wise from an age long behind us
Futile and dead in this new kind of war
Masters of evil will force their peace upon us
And behead all that won't accept the law
Murdering innocents in their own backyards
While we are busy ignoring it all

Imagine a war will begin and nobody
Will follow and fight for those in command
A clear reply given on any of these days
War'll just as easily come to your land
This is no longer the land that I used to know
Once a safe haven – now a battleground
How long until the laughter has died
And deathlike silence the only sound

New dawn rising for our eyes to see
New dark ages our destiny
Chained and shackled in stupidity
Changes we'll bear up – Combat Zone Europe

Children of the inquisition
Born again, just more efficient
Nazis hating with a passion
Green not brown is now in fashion
Slayers from the one true nation
Proud of our capitulation
P'litically correct defenders
At least we're free to surrender

Keyboard warriors with a passion
Words of war their sole obsession

Eyes unseeing, tears will fall
Ears unhearing, deaf to all
Say no more what's on your mind
Time for judgement to unwind

The lands of our forefathers drenched in our own blood
Europa bleeding from a thousand wounds
Walls of the fortress lie broken in ruins
This once proud castle has become our tomb

When books will burn to make way for the one book
And camps of death welcome the unprepared
What will you answer when your children ask you
We never knew or we never cared

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