Waves Songtext
von Electric Guest

Waves Songtext


I know I, I won′t make it
Don't know what to do
They say that love is easy
But they must′ve forgot you

Oh, she's talky thing so full of glee
But twenty-one months will not agree
A second-hand girl, I guarantee
Will make a life hard for you and me

Oh, I love to hate ya
'Cause you know that I don′t
But treat me like you do
I think it′s time for you to go

And oh, it's such a pretty thing
Depending on what the days will bring
I can′t escape love, ba da ba da
A la lap pap, oh yeah

Oh, my mind is all washed away
All away
We keep holdin' on
To the everlasting waves

They say it′s never easy
When you're twenty-three
Maybe that′s a lie
And it's just hard as fuck for me

Oh, and I know someone to ripple stay
I couldn't explain why lovingly
I wait around all day for that day
A-waiting on you to make me grey with her

And the smile it just
Floats away
And I′m temporarily satisfied
When night turns into day

Oh, it′s a never-ending up and down
But never once drop when you're around
A-sick of the thing that took it down
I paint a new face with just a frown

Oh, my mind is all washed away
All away
We keep holdin′ on
To the everlasting waves

Oh hold me, with you
Oh, I can't keep from falling in love
I can′t keep from falling in love
Oh, hold me

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