I Know Him So Well Songtext
von Elaine Paige

I Know Him So Well Songtext

Nothing is so good
It lasts eternally,
Perfect situations
Must go wrong ...
But this has never yet

Prevented me,
Wanting far too much,
For far too long,
Looking back,
I could have played
It differently,
Won a few more

Who can tell,
But it took time to
Understand the man,
Now at least i know
I know him well
Wasn′t it good?
(Oh so good)
Wasn't he fine?
(Oh so fine)
Isn′t it madness,
He can't be mine?

But in the end
He needs a little bit
More then me,
More)security .

He needd his fantasy and freedom,
I know him so well...
No-one in your life is
With you constantly,
No-one is completely
On your side,
And though i'd move my world to be with him, stil the gap
Between us is too
Looking back,
I could of played it defferntly,

Learned about the man before i fell
But i was ever so much younger then,
Know at least i know i know him well
Wasnt it good?
Wasnt he fine,
Isnt it madness

He won′t be mine?
Didn′t i know?
How it would go,
If i knew from the start,

Why am i falling apart?
Wasnt it good
Isnt it madness
He wont be mine?

But in the end,
He need a little bit
More then me,
More security,
He needs his fantasy
And freedom,
I know him so well,
It took time to understand him,
I know him so well.

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