Penetrate Songtext

Ugh, cranberry and Ciroc, fucked up
See ya bitch choosin′, turnt up
My niggas got the cookies, burn up
Pull up to the function in a Porsche truck
Water get to it, don't play games
Get in a bitch brain like a migraine
Beat the thing up and beat it out the frame
Legs spread open like a chicken wing (40!)

Me and my niggas all up in the function, gettin′ turnt up
Got a bad bitch poppin' that ass, gettin' fucked up
Saw a bad bitch, had to get up on it
Had a couple friends smokin′ on some marijuana
The way she poppin′ that pussy, I think she really want it
You don't need a credit check, I′ll be your lawyer

Ay-oh! Poppin' that ass like you ain′t had no dick in a long time
I'll show you what it feel like when I penetrate!
(All up in the function, all my niggas fucked up)
(And shawty caught up in the moment cause she too turnt up)
Penetrate Uh, I step in this ho like "what′s that about?"
You think this a game? I'mma wreck her out
She say that my ice look like Bow Wow
I said "practice and, see, you get downtown", uh!
I'm lookin′ like ya girlfriend pimp
I do not walk with limp cause my new coupe a six
Speed, please, I cannot give you a ring
No marriage, I′m Kevin Ware, I do not get on my knee

Back at it, never left, straight A with it, no F
Blowin' killer, I′m stressed, get it then make a mess
Then clean them jeans, make her not fiend (oh yeah!)
Walk in regular, leave not neat (oh yeah-yeah!)
Suzy 6 Speed gas on 'em, top speed
Gettin′ green like broccoli, how could I not be
The one these ladies trippin' off?
Mm, bet ya girl wanna get it from me

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