1st, 2nd, & 3rd Songtext
von Dumbfoundead

1st, 2nd, & 3rd Songtext

There's a first time for everyone
The first time you rode a bike
First time you spent at your girlfriends overnight
The first time she broke your heart, your 21st birthday
When you got to hit that open bar (choking hard)
During the first time you smoked cigars
The first time is so bizarre, the first time is beautiful
First time you went to a funeral
The first time you got first place
First time you got hurt, and needed first aid
Your first offense (shouldn't have been there in the first place)
And your first friend (who's always been there through the worst case)
Scenario, first of the month, got paid and bought a stereo
And your first tape, your first date
When you got nervous and your heart rate went up
The first time is like seeing a dark place lit up
You gotta keep it going 'cause the start ain't enough
The first man to do anything never gave up

After the first verse follow with a second one (I second that)
Step it up before the seconds run on the second half
Sometimes in life we get a second chance
This is too early for us to think about the exit plan
(Project Blowed and Swim Team)
That be like my second fam
Keep it going, with the DJ mixing in that second jam
Light up a spliff, turn ya'll to victims of that secondhand
Actually I need a breather, give a second man
It's getting heated we gon' need that second fan
Take a second and listen to the blowing of the western sands
Every grain acting as a second land, turning seconds to an hour
(Power to the people) to the second power
How we gon' make it home when we're stuck at second base
How we gon' be first, when we're stuck in second place
I can't let my seconds waste, 'til my final resting place
I'ma give ya'll a second to all those who are less awake

Yo the third time's the lucky charm
I'm never gon' back down
Third degree black belt, fighting in the last round
43rd and Leimert, that's the place I worked nights
Trying to keep it legit, ain't trying to catch a third strike
Third grade wordplay got you blurry in the third eye
Keep working on your craft, you'll get it on the third try
Where are you trying to be at when you turn thirty something?
I'm trying to live by the beach, West on third or something
I'm tired of receiving third notices for bills
Paying off fines on my third court appeal
A pocket full of nothing but dirty lint, and thirty cents
This ain't a TV show you can't work it in the thirty minutes
While you're at a buffet, working on your third plate
There's third world villages, in a much worse state
Hungry and thirsty, I finally got my point across
Nailed it on my third take, first second third fade

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