Rogue Songtext
von Discipline

Rogue Songtext

Scene I Prologue

Scene II Shadowgraph

Smile, shape it look sincere
Coundtown to the flash
Pictures don't lie

Lie back relax, think of mother
Think of love or another
Locate these weights, lest they smother you
Or break you in two

Mask the child who's insecure
Prop him on the stage
Don't let him fall

Falling calling, run for cover
Go hide inside, find a lover
Subtract the act, we'll uncover you
And all you've been through

To shatter all accord
Find a code alone
And carry on

On file and on trial, all your making
We've got the shot, no retaking
Knee deep in sleep or in waking

Scene III Wee Bit o' Vitriol

Waking up with your shoes on
Do you know where you are
No time to piece it together
Just find you keys and your coat
Get yourself back in your car

You can't ignore how it plagues you
It's so easy to score
Still the child is lonely
Can't fit the pieces in
And so keeeps coming back for more

Dressing down in the midnight
Gripping sin by its toes
Shedding mores as sheepskin
So good so wrong in the dark
A one act play of shadows

Whispering lies and offenses
Muscling reason from mind
We want to cross all the borders
We've built the prison, set the scales
Let's break the chains that bind

Scene IV Borrowed and Blue

Enter a clumsy hobbledehay
Hobnobbing with the hoi polloi
Oh boy,
Now there's a role to play

An as a chummy gadabout town
Exits arm round evening gown
She goes down
Now there's a role to play
And since the show's a hit
It seems that we've been
Playing it every day
(And thank you all again)

Scene V Blush and Rouge

Still this morning's found you
Straining on the toilet with a hangover
Belly up for hour in your bed
Cursing your good evening
And the painkillers
Waging war and raging in your head

Painting on a lipstick grin of Saturday
Callow thrusts surrendered to the blight
Split between the lobes of personality
Morning judge and victim of the night

Sleep sleep sleep
(Still you're stuck at the curb)
Sleep your life away
(No one perfect in you)
Way into the ground
(Past the lamppost breezy)
Life a lullaby

Counting back time
Ninety-nine, ninety eight
Gone gone gone

Scene VI Trance

Scene VII Nightmare

Scene VIII Solus (Recapitulation)

Scene IX Soliloquy

Am I banished from the realm
Left here to face the night alone
Or is the sentence but to fear alone
To wake and sleep
From dawm to dusk in twilight zone
Yeah, there's Serling in the back

Crime, I feel I'm charged I feel I'm drained
I hear the angels sing
The choir strained
The jury's in
The sheep have left me shackled and chained
O yes, I can't deny the weight

And so the final show has come
By slimmest path the broadest way
Now shall I cry to bow for this boquet
Or wrench my life from out the day to day
To grip the chord at last
And draw the curtain on this morality play

Scene X Epilogue

On an open road
Neither here nor there
See we shuffle along

Under endless sky
On the buried dead
Idly whistling our song

In the cravan
I'm a sham and I
Make to flee from the way

Every memory
Scar and fantasy
Leads me back should I stray

On an on
Stepping in time
This one's for England
Now smile, shape it...

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