Circuitry Songtext
von Discipline

Circuitry Songtext

Do these clothes make me look fat, she said
Am I the apple of your eye?
Spinning out in second gear
Lock the door there's no one here
Will you let another year go by?

Is it me or is it hot in here?
Will someone please alert the chief?
No one told us where to go
Once again we've missed the show
And this reefer gives us no relief

Is there anything I'll need to sign?
Can you tell me who I am?
Didn't have his jacket on
It was just another con
In Bacrelona on the tram

I must have missed the turn, we're off the map
Can we take it back a scene?
Can I get a guarantee?
I put my faith in circuitry
A glitch in the program, a flaw in the machine

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