Desecrated Ground Songtext
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Desecrated Ground Songtext

Take a good look around
See what they've done to our land
The land of the free
The land of peace and harmony
Somehow society offers no place for you and me
Because our country has been poisoned by ideals

Some of our ancestors fought
And even died during the war
So that we could be free
Plant our own seeds, harvest our trees
But political lies brought desecration to these lands
And so our heritage is bound to fade away

Their seeds poisoned our legacy
They've harvested the wrong trees
The soil's barren, can't you see
Our country became desecrated ground

Now that the damage is done
No one can heal the wounds they've made
They decide our fate and make us pay for their mistakes
So our soil remains abandoned by the pouring rain
And our country dies a slow and painful death

Promises, just empty words
For people like you and me
Because eventually democracy abused our loyalty
No progress, instability infected our land
Our country just a shadow of what it used to be

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