I Believe Songtext
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I Believe Songtext

Villains get rewarded for their crimes everyday
Your back against the wall, having nothing left to say
You'll walk the line, they will get you anyway
These sons of bitches are here to stay
Nowhere left to run, nowhere left to hide
No possibility's to turn the tide
The government pretends that they're always right
But they lie, they lie to you
I guess that it has always been this way
But listen to these words I have to say

They may go unpunished, but I still believe
That what you give in life is what you will receive
I have faith in what I do and what I have become
I believe someday justice will be done

Corrupted politicians, they don't know shame
Deciding the rules, dominating the game
Lying to the ignorant using our name
We are bound to take the blame
Laws for people like you and me
The system throws away its dignity
The rich man laughs and he goes free, you will see
Thank God I'm not like them, they're not like me
Cast me out this sick society

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