Your Own Back Yard Songtext
von Dion

Your Own Back Yard Songtext

I′ve been sitting here, thinking
About when I started in drinking
I went on to dope
It surely did change my life

I cried a tear in a beer for me
I lost everything near and dear to me
Mainly my children and my wife

My idea of having a good time
Was sitting with my head
Between my knees

I knew everything there was to know
Everything except which way to go
I cried, oh, God, take me
Will you, please

Many a time
I swore up and down
I didn't need any of this junk
That was going round

I can quit
Let me finish what I got
After all, this stuff
Sure costs a lot
Then I′ll get my feet
Back on the ground

I can't tell nobody
How to live their life
Even though inside
We're all the same

All those things are toys
I was playing with
You know we′re all losers
In that game

Now since I′ve been straight
I haven't been in my cups
I′m not shooting downs
I'm not using ups

You know I′m still
As crazy as a loon
Even though I don't run out
And cop a spoon
But thank the good lord
God, I had enough

Now, I got a friend
His name is Richard Grands
He says you don′t need
To be stoned to grow a friend

Believe me
You're all beautiful people
Just the way you are
Tell me, what has that
Stuff done for you so far, yeah

I've been sitting here thinking
Been winking, I been blinking
I don′t have to sit around
No more and nod

I can do anything
That I wanna do
I do it straight
I do it so much better too
And it′s, it's gotta start
Right in your own backyard

I said it′s gotta start
Right in your own backyard
You know everybody has
Their own beautiful backyard

You might have oil wells
In your own back yard
Yeah, your own backyard...

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