Runaway Girl Songtext
von Dion

Runaway Girl Songtext

I fell in love with a runaway
A little runaway girl
Each night she′s all that I dream about
My little runaway girl
She used to make me glad
Now I'm sad and I feel so bad
Oh why must I always be waiting for my little runaway girl

My friends all told me I′m waistin' time
With my runaway girl
How did I know it was just a line
From my runaway girl
She broke my heart in two
Now I'm blue
You′d be too
If you were in love with a runaway
A little runaway girl

Although she may not feel this love the way that I do
Each night and day I′ll pray
That someday maybe she'll come through and then
I know I won′t be a lonely boy
With my runaway girl
'Cause now I′ll be more than just a toy
For my runaway girl
If she comes back to me
I'll be free
Then you′ll see
Oh my heart will sing and be glad again
With my runaway girl

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