Tonight Tonight Songtext
von Dion

Tonight Tonight Songtext

Tonight, tonight, while I′m holding you so near,
Tonight, tonight, what I'd give if I could hear
The three little words that would thrill the heart of me--
Just whisper, "I love you, and will eternally."

Tonight, tonight, more than any time before,
This heart of mine seems to need you so much more.
The touch of your hands, the thrill of your embrace
Keep saying that no one will ever take your place.

While looking up afar,
I wished upon a star
And prayed for a blessing from above.
Now, if my wish should come true,
Until our life is through,
I′ll have you, dear, to have, to hold and to love.

Well, tonight, tonight may never reach an end.
I'll miss you so 'til you′re in my arms again.
With all of my heart, I declare with all my might,
I′ll love you forever, as I love you tonight.

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